What Is Heat Pumps?

heat pumps 22Heat pump can be defined as a system that can work just like the opposite of an air conditioner. Air conditioner turns the hot temperature to be colder while heat pump from cold temperature to warmer. Heat pump works by raising the air temperature with certain sources that produce heat. Then, it channels to your home. The source can be outdoor air, ground water, underground chamber and other typical sources that can be found and used during the winter season. The parts itself, they are almost same with air conditioner such as fan, compressor, heat exchanger and others. But, heat pump can work as air conditioner too. It is one package for two functions.

Heat pumps offer more benefits starting from the price to the efficiency. Heat pump is a safe device you can install in your home since it doesn’t need any fire to produce the heat. Generally, it has cheap price. New technology installed for the very efficient energy consumption. You can check the SEER, HSPF and Energy Star rating from each type of each brand. This device will not create harmful byproducts or carbon dioxide. Just like has been stated before, it can work as air conditioner too. The maintenance is not hard but sure, it has a very long life space even by easy maintenance that you can do it yourself.

If you want to buy heat pump, you need to consider its efficiency. The standard rating for the efficiency, you can look at the SEER rating at 13 or higher and HSPF rating 7.7 or higher. Don’t forget its Energy Star rating. Then, think about the cost. The prices vary depending on the types and brands. You need to consider its refrigerants. Ensure the heat pump is R-410A compatible and it doesn’t uses R22 or Freon refrigerants as it can harm environment. Don’t forget about its noise and warranty. You want heat pump with quieter sound and long life warranty.